Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sheesh. It's been weeks since I've blogged and it's not because there was a shortage of things going on.

I think my main reason is I've been spending every second I get on the computer devoting myself to getting my blog books made so they can be sent off to print. So far, 2009 is completed (just needs a final once over) and 2010 is half way done. :)

I feel accomplished because I will be totally up to date once these are printed.

As hard as it is to get these books done, it is so fun to go back through photos and stories that I wrote and enjoy the moments I captured. I am SO grateful for my blog! I definitely put what I do on there for me and my family alone. That's it. Everyone else being able to see it and enjoy it too is just a bonus for me. Having these memories compiled into a beautiful book is so rewarding... especially since I don't print my photos regularly enough. To be able to see my photography printed is wonderful for me. I wouldn't have remembered 95% of what is on my blog and for that reason alone, I will continue to force myself to update here as often as I can.

Here are a couple random photos... from the last couple of weeks:

We had a long stretch of really low temps and as a result, this monster of an icicle formed on the front of my house. Cohen and I went out to get the mail one day and I had to grab my camera. :)
IMG_9960edit P
IMG_9958edit P
Kelan is just a joy right now. He's 5 months old now and such a happy little guy. He LOVES his jumperoo (best purchase ever since all of my kids have loved it). In fact, he jumped himself to sleep in it the other day. Reminds me of this post of Cohen not too long ago!
IMG_9965edit P
IMG_9966edit BW P

We went to Las Vegas a week or two ago and can you believe I took ZERO photos. Yep. I drug my big camera down there and everything and I didn't pull it out once. I do have some iPhone pics and that is it! So sad. Steve had some business down there and so we drove down with all the kids and rented a house for 5 nights. It was big enough that my sister and her entire family stayed with us Friday and Saturday night too and it was just one big party. :)

Sorry there isn't something better to show for the trip...
Driving down to Vegas. I actually drove down and back the whole way.
A couple of the house... lots of mirrors, chandeliers, marble... just you're typical Vegas house. haha!
Some of the cousins being silly in the hot tub. They actually all took a dip in the pool too, I don't know how because it was freezing!!
Greeted by some lovely traffic 10 minutes from home... I thought my kids were going to go crazy after 6 hours in the car already. ;)
Steve went out of town earlier this month to Rhode Island for a new business venture that he's working on with his dad and brother. It's rough when he's not here and I certainly appreciate it when he is! So, here is a snapshot of my crazy evening as I'm trying to get all the kids ready for bed on my own.
IMG_9971edit P
IMG_9973edit BW P
IMG_9979edit BW P
IMG_9974edit P
I treated myself to one of these once the kids were all in their beds. :)
IMG_9980edit P
I'll try to be more timely with my updates. ;)
The countdown for Hawaii is officially on now.... <3


Sarah said...

Hey Meghan~!! How are you?? It's Sarah Whitley. I can't believe you have 4 kids now~ They are all so adorable! And Scarlett and Kanyon are so big now!!
Sorry to post this on here, but I don't know how else to contact you. I'm back in Utah now and I was wondering if you or any one you know is looking for a regular babysitter/part-time nanny? If you can think of any one, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
My email is sarah.whitley214@gmail.com.
Thanks again!

Lindsey said...

Hey! Friend of a friend (and so on) anyway I think your blog is so cute and I know there are ways to do blog books but I was just wondering if you could tell me what company you use and how you go about it? Is it pretty spendy? Anyway, thanks!!!