Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In the words of Grandma D...
IMG_9993edit FG sm WM
Cohen is my 'spicy' child. He's got a little fire in him and when that is channeled into sweetness, he is really, really sweet... but it can also go the other way too!

Poor guy has been teething too which doesn't help his temperament... but finally cut one of his two eye teeth on the bottom just a week ago. I'm dreading that second one.
IMG_9991edit BW sm WM
He has moments of sweetness with Kelan and moments of indifference with him... never a deliberate attack or mean act, which I couldn't be more grateful for since he has it rough being a big brother at such a tough/young age.

On this particular evening, Steve motioned for me to look at Cohen and Kelan sitting on the living room floor. So glad I could grab my camera to capture it before it was over.
(and believe me it was over quick!)

IMG_9995edit FG sm WM
I love that Kelan was so attentive as Cohen was "reading" to him. He loves his siblings and is always entertained when they are around.

Cohen is saying so MANY new words these days. The cutest at the moment is probably "please". So sweet when he says that to me... it almost makes me want to give him whatever it is he's asking for, no matter what it happens to be. ;)

Kanyon enjoys the "Cohen, say this" game. He and Scarlett get a kick out of Cohen attempting to say new words. Here he is after asking me to take a picture of him in his Bulls shirt. He is his father's child... Bulls shirt, Cutler jersey (Bears), and Cubs hat... If Steve is home, he is almost guaranteed to be wearing one of those things.
IMG_9986edit FG sm WM
Don't mind the boys' hair right now... I'm not sure if I want to continue to let it grown longer or to cut it short. It's in that in between/yucky stage right now...

And you know I'm not talking about Kelan. He's my bald little cue ball. ;)


Melissa said...

Yep. I have my own little spicy child. I know just what you mean! Good thing he's (K) so cute when he's being extra spicy! :)

I'm thinking maybe I should send Kanyon some clothing. :)

Meghan said...

Haha! Melissa, I'm not sure Kanyon would ever see it if Steve got to it first! ;)