Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rolling and Holding

Kelan is growing so fast. I hear people say this all the time, but I really think they grow exponentially the more kids you have. I can't believe the things he is doing already and I'm just not ready for it!
IMG_9937edit BW sm WM
He's been able to roll around for a while front to back and back to front... but now he's rolling and will go clear across the room if he doesn't get stuck somewhere first. It's still a little surprising to him because he'll roll and then look up and have this surprised look on his face, like how did I get here?!? Pretty soon I think he'll master it and will find out the possibilities of being mobile.
IMG_9934edit sm WM
He's learning how to grab and hold toys now too. This is really fun for the three older kids because they can be a little more interactive with him.
IMG_9950edit sm WMIMG_9952edit BW sm WM
I took a photo of his video monitor the other day while he was asleep. He used to want to be wrapped up so tight and now he wriggles his little arms out.
IMG_9909edit sm WM
Sleep is a bit of a struggle right now partially because of this. He's not used to having his arms free and sometimes will scratch his face or pull his binky out accidentally. As soon as he transitions to not being swaddled at all, I think it will be much easier.
IMG_9923edit sm WM
He's drooling and chewing on his hands so much right now. I'm thinking that the long teething process has begun already. It is not so great to have 2 kids teething at the same time! Cohen's eye teeth have just popped through on top and nights have been rough with him lately too.

I thought this picture was funny of Cohen's face in the background...
IMG_9926edit BW sm WM
Like, come on Mom! Quit with the camera already... he's not that cute! Kelan's drool is visible in the photo above too.
IMG_9922edit FG sm WM
Kelan had his 4 month well-check with his pediatrician just after Christmas. I was anxious to see how much he'd grown. I was shocked to find out that he's a little guy now! He's just 13 lbs 11 oz which is only the 10th percentile and his head is only the 10th percentile too. He's 25" long which is 50th percentile. He was 50th percentile across the board at his 2 mo appt, so I'm working on making sure he's getting enough milk these days. Otherwise, he is a healthy and happy little baby and I'm grateful for that!

While I had the camera out, I snapped Cohen's latest obsession:
IMG_9947edit sm WM
IMG_9954edit sm WM
He got this movie in his stocking and loves it... too bad our original copy of the Cars Movie is all scratched up and not viewable because this one is just a few little short stories. We're excited for Cars 2 to come out!


Jen Bird said...

Time definitely seems to have been moving faster! I feel like Cohen has joined the older kids now and Kelan is getting bigger and more interactive all the time! So fun!

Lindsey said...

Hey, I'm your blog stalker ;) Not in a creepy way, don't worry. I just wanted to commend you for ALL that you do. Your kids seem so happy and well adjusted, your house looks great, you just seem to be a great/perfect Mom and wife. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, and your fabulous pictures.

Lindsey Thompson

Lillian said...

Hi Megan. Just visiting your blog for the first time in months. It's been fun to see how much your kids have grown, especially Scarlett. She's a little girl now, not a baby. And very exciting news about the two lost teeth! I bet Kanyon is thrilled. Congrats on the new (kind of) baby Kelan. Your kids are all so darling. Hope you are well.

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

I was just looking back at Cohen's 4 months and he had quite a bit of hair. It'll be interesting to see if Kelan's hair will be "late blooming" like Scarlett's was :)

He is such a doll, though. I love him. I'm realizing that I haven't seen you since Christmas and I'm starting to really miss all of you!! :(