Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Tiger Clubs

Kanyon always enjoys going golfing with Steve. He even went last Saturday with him while he golfed 18 holes with my brothers, and he was a trooper the whole time which is amazing because I get tired of golfing after 9. So, Steve decided that he wanted to get him started playing a little bit and sent me out to buy him some golf clubs.
I think obsession might be an understatement. Seriously. There have been some moments since that I've had to take the clubs away just because he wants to carry them everywhere he goes in the house. It would be fine if he wasn't banging them against my walls or accidentally dumping them out on my hardwood floors. ;)

On a side note... Cohen was in his jumperoo yesterday jumping away when I noticed that it got very quiet over where he was. I found this:
He jumped himself to sleep. :) How cute is his little mouth hanging open? And because I didn't want to disturb him and he looked pretty comfortable, I just let him take his nap that way. He woke up jumping again with the biggest eyes ever. It was pretty funny.


Jill said...

watch out tiger woods !!!!

ya know k NEVER liked/slept in his swing but the jumper was a INSTANT sleep mechanism .... lol

Mical said...

Haha! Like mother like son! :) He has the cutest little face! I can't wait to hold him again. We were buddies and I am expecting him to remember me!

Kanyon is so cute. Flash forward 12 years and I can totally see him on the HS golf team! :)

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Oh my, Cohen is too precious.

Heather Strong said...

Ha ha I love the picture of Cohen. So cute!