Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Sister

IMG_8959edit FG sm WM
Scarlett asks to hold Kelan all the time. She is obsessive about hand sanitizer and making sure she is germ free for her new baby brother. She even asks to smell him all the time... I thought it was weird at first, but then I caught myself holding him close to catch that newborn scent that he has too. I love that she loves that scent already at just 3.

She's teaching Cohen how to be soft and handle his baby brother too... here they are Friday sitting on the couch together with Kelan. I love how you can tell how closely Scarlett is watching Cohen.
IMG_8961edit BW sm WM
I snapped a picture of Steve and Kelan yesterday after thinking about it and realizing that I have zero pictures of them together until now! I guess it's because Kelan has so many siblings that want to hold him all the time... So glad I caught him awake in this one.
IMG_8964edit sm WM
I just laughed at these next 2 pictures... Kelan is becoming a little more wakeful as he gets older. I promise he's not cross eyed. ;) He would not make eye contact with my camera. I'll keep trying.
IMG_8966edit BW sm WM
IMG_8965edit FG sm WM
It seems like yesterday that Cohen was wearing this same outfit that Kelan is in (click here to see it)... I need to enjoy this because they grow entirely too fast.


M to the E to the R to the I said...

Hey! He totally looks like his Dad! That is so neat! I need to come and hold him!

allison said...

wonderful shots of all the babies!