Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Camera

Lately the kids have been so cooperative with me and my camera... but mostly they are wanting to take the pictures. Scarlett tries without much result, but Kanyon on the other hand does really well! I just have to get the settings right for him and he knows how to take a decent picture for me. I decided it was a good opportunity to get a jump start on my self portrait for this week since he was wanting to play with the camera. The end result? This photo of Cohen and I.
Scarlett woke up unhappy that day from her nap so it took some effort to turn her mood around. I know I wasn't made to be a mother of all girls, although I just adore Scarlett to pieces, I am SO glad that I've got my boys too. The drama and emotions are so over the top sometimes and she's not even past the toddler stage. ;)

I was just taking pictures of Cohen, like this one below when Scarlett woke up and joined us in the living room. Don't you love his #1 finger? ;)
I asked her nicely to move out of my frame so I could get a picture of just Cohen and she threw herself on the floor by Cohen. Too bad because I can see a little smile on Cohen's face that I missed dealing with her.
Then it was this face for about 10 minutes:
By the way, can you believe her bedhead JUST from a nap? She doesn't have much hair, but it sure can get out of control.
So Kanyon and I just started giggling for the camera...

And pretty soon she didn't want to miss out on the fun.
Jumping pictures were Kanyon's next idea...
And Scarlett gave it her best effort too. :) That hair!
Dad finally came home and we took off to the Carnival that was in town for Art City Days. A post to follow with pictures from that eventful evening. ;)


Jill said...

ha the drama huh ?!! youve got a LOONG 16 yrs ahead of you ;) shes TOO cute though & VERY determined, which can b a good thing. k-man is GREAT with the camera too, my k MUCH prefers the nikon to the fisher price tough digi ... lol

Mical said...

Scarlett is awesome! You just need to round out your family with another little girl! Then we can be twins. ;)

I love all the pictures!

Heather Strong said...

I love pictures of tantrums. Always makes me feel better ha ha! I don't think I am made to be a mom of many girls, either... and I don't even have any (yet)! But she sure is cute, that is how girls get away with it!

Jen said...

I seriously laughed out loud when I scrolled to the picture of Scarlettt having a fit...So FUNNY!

Tracey said...

i feel like a really bad person, but i love crying pictures. :) no matter what, she is adorable!

allison said...

i just love your kids and the way you capture them! i've missed ya!