Wednesday, June 10, 2009

These two.

They just melt my heart. :)
Scarlett enjoys the camera more than Kanyon these days.

Now to just get a picture of all three together and happy... I have yet to attempt it. Maybe this week.
Just one more of these two being silly and laughing together.
And my self portrait for this week... with the only other female in the house. We've got to stick together now that we're outnumbered. ;)


becca said...

As always, beautiful pictures! Your kids look so big in those pictures. I am loving Scarlett's pig tails! Cohen is darling! You are doing so awesome with 3 kids! I am amazed at everything you can do. Thinking about 3 still scares me. Maybe one day I will be brave.

allison said...

love the self portrait!!!

i must say you've got some gorgeous kids!