Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthdays and Blessings and Baseball too!

Today we blessed little Cohen and celebrated Steve's 28th birthday all in one day. This meant for lots of family and friends together. Steve's dad and his wife, YoungJa, came in town for the weekend and the kids have loved having them here. Kanyon asked me if Grandpa was going to stay forever... sadly, I had to tell him no, but we'd be seeing him this summer when we make our trip out to Illinois in August.

We had so many wonderful friends and family attend Cohen's blessing and Steve did a wonderful job. The lunch afterward at our home was fun and I was so grateful for all the help. We only had a couple of minutes for photos, so here are a couple of snapshots before we hurried off to church.
Ha! I thought this picture was funny of Cohen. He looks like a little animal... a chipmunk or something? ;) Here are some pictures of the lunch after church.
Some of my family...
My grandparents at the "kid table". :)
Lots of Steve's extended family...
Grandpa Sonnenberg and Steve's cousin, Daniel.
Steve's little bro, James, and our niece, Aliyah.
Cohen all wrapped and happy with Aunt Clair.
Scarlett, YoungJa, and Steve's Dad.
Grandma Sonnenberg and our niece, Teya. She and Cohen are just 3 months apart almost to the day.
James, again... always popular with the "ladies". ;)
My mom and Kanyon reading a book.
Scarlett with her Great Grandma Deanna.
Some of the kiddos there...

My little bro's wife, Alex... getting baby hungry. ;)
I hardly saw this little guy while everyone was here... he was just passed around and as you can see, he didn't mind a bit. :)
After everyone left and it quieted down, we enjoyed some time out in the front yard playing baseball. Kanyon is pretty coordinated and a quick learner and was hitting those balls in no time. Can't wait to get him on an organized team... he'd love it.
Grandpa giving Kanyon pointers. Scarlett running off her energy. Scarlett took a turn batting too... she'd just forget to use 2 hands. ;) Kanyon even ran in the house to get his Cubs hat so he looked more the part. Scarlett and YoungJa were hanging on the sidelines looking at bugs. :) After baseball, we came in and sang happy birthday and enjoyed an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It's Steve's favorite. It was really good! Happy Birthday, Steve! :) The big 28...
{... and that is a marathon post!}


brendajessee said...

What a wonderful day it must have been to all be together celebrating 2 big events. I can't believe how big Kanyon and Scarlet look next to Cohen. We love you and miss you and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Heather Strong said...

What a great day! Sorry we didn't make it to the blessing. I teach Primary and if I got subs for all the times we had blessings and when my dad comes into town and when Emmett/me/Jake are sick, etc... I'd never be there! We are going to Chicago in August, too, the 11-18th I think. Maybe we'll see you there!