Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art City Days: The Carnival and Parade

I couldn't let this year go by without documenting Art City Days. Kanyon usually talks about the parade and the carnival for months following it. It's really not *that* cool, but I guess to a 3 year old it is. ;)

Too bad this year the weather was not as pleasant as usual. Lucky for us, the weather does not effect the fabulous tasting scones! I ate my fair share and more of those and I think I'm good for the year now.

We took our kids to the carnival Friday evening. They rode the merry go round and a few other rides.

Scarlett was obviously a little intimidated by the rides and after having Dad ride with her on the merry go round, she wasn't about to ride alone on the next one. Poor Steve didn't even really fit on the ride, but he got on just to make her happy. Not really sure if it worked (from the photo below), but at least she wasn't crying. ;)
Our evening had been pretty uneventful, the weather was good... until I got on the ferris wheel with Kanyon and Scarlett.
We were having a great time and Steve was taking pictures from below with Cohen in the stroller.
Then the dark clouds moved in. Really, this was the sky and we were actually on the ferris wheel at this point still. There was thunder in the distance and then we began to be pelted by rain. The kids started bawling and I have to admit, I was a little on edge when the ferris wheel started shaking side to side from the wind while we were sitting at the very top. We were pretty much the last ones to be let off the ride and I had watched Steve earlier running to push Cohen somewhere dry. He came back for us once we were down and we headed for the Scone Booth where he had put the stroller and Cohen.
We were pretty drenched. Here is my little sad Scarlett once under the tent... looking like a little drowned rat and not an ounce happy about it. ;)
I think about when I snapped this picture of Kanyon, he was complaining about being cold. We didn't have those hoodies up on top of the ferris wheel, but I was glad to have them after so the kids could warm up.
Me and Kanyon... I got told that I had that "fresh out of the shower" look from one of the old guys in the scone tent. Thanks! I was going for that look tonight. ;) I was just glad that our friend, Devin, was working the scone booth and we had a place to go while we waited out the rain!
It wasn't long before we were back out and the kids were wanting to ride the rides again.

Just some proof that little Cohen was actually hanging with us that night. He slept the whole time pretty much, so a yawning picture was fitting.

Scarlett rode this last ride without Dad, but she wouldn't smile for anything and all I could get from her was this little fish face.
Despite being cold, the kids wanted sco cones of course. We tried to talk them into something else, but they weren't having it.

We hit up the parade on Saturday morning. It was pretty lame, I have to say, but the kids enjoyed the candy that was thrown.
Cohen enjoyed himself in the sling and even slept through all the sirens in the beginning.

Until next year...


allison said...

Looks like the kids (and parents) had a blast!

You look gorgeous, btw!

Matt, Christie & Adilyn said...

you are such a good mom to keep up the festives with a new baby.

Mical said...

I would have been freaking out up there on the ferris wheel! Looks like fun though. So did the "lame-o" parade get you psyched for the
4th?! haha! Maybe the 3rd times the charm.