Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Years

... and no itch yet! ;) Don't worry. I'll spare you the mushy gushy stuff, as much as I'm sure you want to hear it all. :P

Steve and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this month, March 7th. We just happened to be in Chicago that day, so we didn't really do much celebrating of it this year. In fact, we both forgot it was our anniversary until Grandpa Sonnenberg mentioned it to us after church that day. Oops! Good thing we both forgot so we couldn't really be mad at the other! ;)

We did buy each other a gift once we were back home and life resumed as normal... I bought Steve some clothes because he's always in need of that. I'm pretty sure he likes them since he wore them again this week the second they were washed. He bought me some awesome shoes that I had been wanting. Shoes and accessories are about the only thing I'm interested in when I'm pregnant.

Here is Scarlett modeling them this morning... she may just love them as much as me.

The leather is like butter. Seriously. Just what a preggo girl needs. :) Thanks, babe. Perfect for our date night tonight.


DESTINY said...

Congrats on 7 years! Yay! Love the shoes!

Matt, Christie & Adilyn said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute Cute shoes.