Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's going around...

... or so I hear, and we got it. The dreaded stomach flu took over our lives this last week as well as croup.

The Lord must have been preparing me for what lie ahead because on Monday I got every piece of laundry done in my house along with meals planned for the entire week (something I had not even thought about doing since Christmas). The playroom was cleaned that day and the house looked good. I had even been feeling a bit better and had lowered my dose of nausea medication down to half a pill each day for the last week.

Tuesday morning is when it all started and we didn't have a puke-free day until today. *crossing my fingers that doesn't change!* Scarlett led the way and then Cohen (out of the blue) woke up Tuesday evening at about 11:30pm and was really struggling to breath. Same sort of episodes that Kanyon goes through when he gets croup. After doing all we knew how to do at home to help him, I ended up in the ER that night until 2:30am with him getting the steriods he needed. That was the beginning of his miserable week of a terrible cough and fever that is still lingering today.

Here's Scarlett sleeping on her sick bed in the living room on Wednesday. She didn't leave this bed once until Friday evening, poor thing.

I kept Kanyon clear of the other two as much as I could and he was fine until Thursday. He got the stomach flu then too. It was a little tricky at night trying to balance 3 sick kids all at once and Steve and I often felt short-handed for the first time since having three. It was tough to do it when they all really needed you. We are just grateful that so far neither Steve or I have anything more than a little cold.

Here is Kanyon this morning in the shower. This has been his favorite thing to do - laying on the tile with the hot water falling on him. Along with his sippy cup of gatorade by his side. You can see he's feeling a little better today because he turned on the smile for my camera when I was just trying to sneak a shot of him.
I am hoping for a normal week and one that I can actually leave my house! I'm just so tired of being cooped up inside. I haven't stepped foot outside since Tuesday's trip to the ER, so it feels like forever.

Here is Scarlett looking happier this morning too.
She was doing my hair again in the bathroom this morning while we waiting for Kanyon in the shower.
On a happier note...
-Cohen said his first word this week. "Ball!" He loves balls and especially loves to throw them. He's got a pretty good arm too. Can't believe he said that before mama or dada though! Don't mind his crusty booger face below...

You can see my pile of freshly washed bedding in the background. I'm finally caught back up again.
The happier note continued...
-Cohen will officially be 11 mos tomorrow.
-I have my big 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday, so be expecting a post on that soon. I'm hoping baby is cooperative and we can find out if it's pink or blue this time around!
-The Chicago pictures are still coming. I planned on getting lots done last week, that included, but it didn't happen. Hopefully before this week is up.

Looking forward to Easter next week and my sister's arrival in less than 2 weeks!! :)


Melissa said...

What a rough week! Sick or not, they are all still adorable. <3 K on the shower floor.

Heather Strong said...

That is so rough. I hate it when I feel like I haven't left the house in a month.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Oh man! i am so sorry! I wish there was something I could have done! I feel so bad!