Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Since the kids were still sick last Sunday, they didn't get to wear their Easter outfits to church. So, with it being General Conference weekend here... they wore them anyway up to Grandma's house for Easter dinner.
Kanyon is at a very awkward size... not quite fitting into 4T anymore and he drowns in 5T... Oh well, so he's swimming in his new church pants. :) At least I know he'll wear these for a while!

Kanyon and I snapped a quick self-timer shot while we were waiting for the other kids to wake up from their naps. He was just excited to wear his new outfit and didn't want to wait to put it on.
Hope everyones Easter was wonderful!

Oh yeah... on a side note, we found out what we were having last week.
I knew before the tech said a word, based on this shot below. :)
Definitely another little boy. We are so excited! Scarlett? Not so much, but she's warming up to it. ;)


Heather Strong said...

Oh my gosh Kanyon is only wearing a 5T? I guess that is probably normal. Emmett wears a 4T so my views on kids clothes are rather skewed. Congrats on having another boy! They will have so much fun together. I grew up in between Dave and Matt and had a blast playing with them growing up, so Scarlett will just have to learn how to play legos and, I don't know... other boy things. It was He-man and Ninja Turtles when I was young ha ha!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Yes, no denying it. That is a BOY! Ha ha, Steve must be so proud! Ha ha ha ha

Jen Bird said...

I love their little Easter outfits!! So cute! And what a cute picture of you and Kanyon!!

DESTINY said...

So cute. They look adorable!