Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scarlett turns 3

Scarlett turned 3 on the 10th and we had a "Pinkalicious" birthday party for her at her request.

Here is the invite I sent out:
I think this is the first birthday where she totally got what was going on well in advance. She asked about it for days - okay who am I kidding... it was weeks. But, the day of she just knew. She ooh'd and aww'd over all the decorations and was giddy about her cake and cupcakes. I knew when she was asking for a cupcake by 7:30am that it was going to be an issue. ;)

Some of the goodies.
The birthday girl, herself. She's wearing the darling necklace that my friend Jen made for her. Isn't it cute?? One of her favorite things for sure. She asks to wear it daily now.
The cupcakes, pinkalicious style.
The cake. Kudos to my sister for helping me out big time on the cake and cupcakes.

The "green" table of food. The only way to cure pinkitis. Although, I had the kids eat their healthy green lunch before we had sweets... just to make sure no one turned pink!
My mom was kind enough to use her 2nd grade teaching skills and read the book to the kids for me. It really is a cute story.

Mid - singing of happy birthday. Scarlett is thrilled to be the center of attention.
Making a wish.
After the party...

Scarlett opened up a gift from my sister 2 days before her birthday. My sister didn't want this gift to scare any of the kids at the party. ;) It was a mannequin head from my sister's hair school. She was named "debra" and I think it's one of Scarlett's very favorite gifts. I'm lucky that she's not asking to do my hair now. Thanks, Mical!
Funny story about Debra... Kanyon sneaks turns doing her hair while Scarlett is still napping. He learned to put a curler in and a clippy. He was very proud to show me her "do" after he was done. I'll have to snap a picture next time... it's hilarious.
Mom and the birthday girl.
Three years have gone by so fast... I love having my little girly girl in the house with me since we are going to be VERY outnumbered soon. I've taught her well... whenever she goes into the bathroom and notices that Kanyon or Steve have left the seat up, she goes, "Ugh... Mom, the boys forgot to put the seat down AGAIN." Then she does a perfect little eye roll as she puts the seat down herself before using it. Some day I need to get it on video.

And a shot of the belly at 21 weeks after the party. Nice and round already.


Melissa said...

Loved everything about this entry. Her party looked like a little girl's dream! The cake and cupcakes look totally scrumptious and Scarlett is the most beautiful princess at the ball. <3

Cindy S. said...

What a fun party! Looks like Miss Scarlett had a wonderful birthday :) And I'm still convinced that you are the most adorable pregnant woman EVER! :)

Team O'Connor said...

What a great party. How do you make time for all that? You're way more organized than I am! You look so cute pregnant too. Good luck on the fourth one!

Jen Bird said...

OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe we missed out on such a fun party! Seriously, your cakes should be in a magazine! I don't know how you do that!! I have now officially decided that I need lessons!! You're such a good mom!

Lindsay said...

What an amazing party! I know two little girls who would have freaked out to have been there. Allie LOVES pinkalicious, and they both have little happy meal toys that they play with constantly. Awesome party! You are adorable pregnant. You put me to shame.

stacey said...

What a wonderful idea to have the green table! Really Meghan, you could be a party planner on top of all the crafts, photography, teaching, etc. you excel at. I adore the pic of Scarlett enjoying her birthday song. She is a doll!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

oh my goodness, can I copy that entire party for my girl one day. everything looked darling. way to go on the cake too!! You are such a cute pregnant girl, jealous! I hope you can make my shower, it would be so fun to see you. We didn't really get to talk at the last family gathering. I was busy chasing Judd around..

Weston and Nicole said...

Wow, that cake is amazing!! Did you make it by yourself? I'm so impressed. What cute decorations and it looks like she had a great party!