Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cohen - 9 months

I took Cohen in for a well-check visit with his pediatrician and discovered something funny when we were weighing and measuring him. Remember his last check-up and how he had jumped to the 90th percentile in height, etc? Well... the nurse noticed on his chart from his last visit that although he was 7 months, he was being marked as a 4 month old! haha!

So, my "big guy" wasn't so big after all! In fact, at 9 months now he's only 10th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height. He's 17 lbs 9 oz which doesn't seem very small when you're packing it around all day. ;)
A few things about him...

He's not into baby food anymore. It's a fight to get him to eat it. He wants to do it himself, which isn't going to happen. So, we have been doing more table foods that he can feed himself. He's eating a baked sweet potato in the picture above. (Don't mind the purple bib... that's just what happens when you have an older sister and no "boy" bibs clean.)

He took his first steps a couple days after Steve and I returned from Maui and now is walking almost as much as crawling. He's my earliest walker by a month. Scarlett walked at 10 months. The kids are really proud of him and love to get him to walk to them.

He's cutting teeth numbers 3 and 4... his top 2 teeth and that has made for many sleepless nights lately. I hope they pop through soon, poor guy.

He tries to sneak up the stairs any chance he can get, so it makes for checking and double checking on gates on all the stairs lately.

He unloads my cupboards non-stop.

He loves the bathtub. He will hear it running and beeline for the bathroom. He loves to be naked and I think that is also another reason why he loves the tub.

He still takes 2 naps, but every once in a while will just take one. I'm hoping for a transition to one more consistently. It would make life easier and I would feel less like I was stuck at home all day waiting for a baby to wake up.

He is the happiest thing you've ever seen. I get asked all the time if he's always that happy and I am happy to answer that yes, for the most part he is. If he's not tired or hungry, he's grinning at everyone. He really is a fun little personality to have around. And we just love him!

I just can't believe that he's 9 months... his first year is flying by!

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