Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maui Trip

Steve and I spent 4 nights in Maui recently and it was wonderful! Our regular sitter for the kids, Jenny, spent the whole time with them. We talked to the kids every day and they seemed to be having a great time. That made it easy for us to enjoy our trip.

We just relaxed for the most part but did a few fun things that we don't normally do with kids. We took an traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe out to whale watch. It was amazing! We got within 100 feet of 3 whales... a mom and her baby as well as their male escort (the guides were assuming). The baby was brand new because it was about the same size as our canoe. It was a real different experience not being on a motorized boat - just paddles. It was so calm and peaceful and we could actually hear the whales. The guys that took us out took some pictures, so as soon as I get those from him, I'll add them on here.

We spent a morning at the Grand Wailea spa and had a couples massage. It was such a nice place! I've never been to a spa that nice before. I spent the first hour I was there just going in the different bathes they had. Really fun.

Because we stayed at a hotel (Wailea Marriot) and not a condo like we do normally with the kids, we ate out for every meal and were able to enjoy some really nice restaurants! It says something when Ruth's Chris was the cheapest restaurant from our whole trip (not including lunch, of course). Honestly though, I'm not much of a "food snob" so I was ready for something normal by the time the trip was over. ;)

We spent one evening up in Lahaina on the west side of the island and went to a magic show called "Warren and Annabelles". It was really fun and I highly recommend it for anyone that visits Maui. We were picked as a "helper couple" and that made it even more interesting of a show. :) My face hurt from laughing by the time the night was over.

I'm sad to say that I took 3 photos total with my nice camera. I know, sad. But, without the kids there, I was finding it hard to find something to take a picture of! I took more with the point and shoot camera and as soon as I figure out how to get the pictures off that one, I'll post them too.
Here are two shots from the hotel pool where I spent most of my time.

Steve wanted to go snorkeling and since I don't really like to, I was happy here just reading my book. Can you blame me? ;)

A tease, right? I promise more pictures soon. Aside from the red-eye home, it was a great trip and I think I got more sleep each night than I have since 2004 when I got pregnant with my first. It was about time. :)


Jen Bird said...

Seriously! The water and sky couldn't be more blue! I think I'm now dreaming of somewhere warm and beautiful!!

Cristal said...

Wow, the pool looks awesome and YAY for uninterrupted sleep!

Kimberly said...

im so glad you loved your trip :) I knew you would!! I loved the Grand Wailea :) Next time we will visit Lahina, I heard its awesome! Cant wait to see more pics