Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well Checks for the boys

Cohen just looked SO cute yesterday afternoon when he woke up from his nap and he was just so happy. I couldn't help myself and had to grab my camera.

Don't you love his little bed head?

Pardon his orange tint to his nose... what can I say. He likes sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash a little more than the green stuff. ;)
I finally got Cohen in to see his pediatrician. He hasn't been in since he was 2 mos. I just blame it on him being the 3rd child and it being so hard to get into that particular doctor's office when you aren't sick. ;) At that time he was in the 20th percentile for weight. Well, he's obviously been getting plenty to eat because he's now 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height. You know Steve was proud of that. We need a tall gene because daddy isn't really passing that on. (Sorry, babe!)

Anyway, he's doing great and hardly cried even when he got 3 shots. :( Kanyon was such a nice big brother. He kissed Cohen and told him it's okay because he got "nemo" bandaids. I think it helped! I also discovered right in the office (Dec 11th - need to remember that for baby book purposes) that he had officially cut his first tooth! He has been teething for forever it has seemed. So glad we've got something now to blame the crankiness and sleepless nights on. :)

Kanyon was seen for a recheck on his asthma. Some of you know that he was in the ER again on the evening of the 4th because he woke up and couldn't breathe again and was throwing up. It was just like his other visits... he had the barky cough like you see with croup. However, without a fever, it wasn't the regular contagious croup. He gets something called "spasm croup". Because his lungs are working so hard for so long (he had been on breathing treatments nightly for almost 2 weeks), it eventually will end up there in his throat when he gets a little cold. It never is not scary for me... I think anyone would have a hard time hearing their child struggle like he does to breathe. But, now I know exactly what to do and what he needs to get better, so that does make it easier. I got home with him that night around 2am. Not too bad compared to other nights we've had. Luckily the ER was really quiet.

Kanyon's pediatrician and I decided that Pulmicort was our best bet. It's a steriod that he'll take daily in a breathing treatment. I really hope that it helps him and we see less of the ER because of it. At least I know the steriods he has been taking aren't effecting his growth at this point. He's 50th percentile for his height and 25th for his weight... my skinny guy. Even after the ER visit, he was still wheezing at the doctor's, not audibly but the Ped could hear it with his stethoscope. I would have never known! So he sent us home with a prescription for prednisolone (an oral steriod) as well. I think I need to buy a stethoscope and just learn to use it. Seriously. I think that would help our situation much more if I just knew when his lungs were and weren't clear.

So, enough of all that... Here is Kanyon allowing me to take his picture today.

No shortage of personality with him. :)


Jill said...

awwwww lil man is SO cute !!!

glad k isnt the only tall skinny one that didnt get the TALL genes from his father ;)

((LOVE kayons shirt, on sale at 77kids huh ?? we just stocked up, k picked that SAME red shirt;))

Meghan said...

LOVE 77 kids. :) I'm pretty sure it was you that introduced me to it! They have some darling girls stuff too.

Jen Bird said...

I haven't even seen Cohen standing up in his crib! And I love his bed head!!

Team O'Connor said...

We got your Christmas card yesterday. It is so cute! I like that it's not all red and green :) Not that that's bad, I just like the mix up. You all look great and happy.

Lindsay said...

Kiddos are getting so big! And they are soooo cute. That little Cohen is so dang adorable!

Anonymous said...

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