Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Best

Because a certain 2 1/2 year old of mine decides lately that she'll only nap for an hour... the opportunity for my nap is gone. (and believe me I don't think I've napped since I was pregnant with Cohen, so I was excited!) So, I guess I'll blog the adorable photos I snapped of the kids yesterday before we left for church. At least she's quietly sitting here on the floor feeding her baby and not demanding a million things of me.
Seeing how things started off like this...
I thought I was doomed. Poor guy, it was past his nap time and he wasn't going to get one anyway since we were off to church. :(

But, lucky for me, I have a husband that will do anything and everything to get our children to smile. Thanks to him, I was able to get a couple decent pictures. Don't worry Grandma's and Grandpa's - you will all be getting a copy of the picture of the 3 of them together... despite the fact that I have been horrible about sending photos out to you all since... well... Scarlett was a baby. ;)

Anyway, here they are all dressed up in their Christmas outfits.
My handsome 4.5 year old who went up and sang during sacrament yesterday all by himself. No friends nearby to ease the nerves. ;) I'm sure he didn't sing loud, but he was up there.
My 2.5 year old that insists on wearing her new red shoes every day... so much so that they aren't so "new" anymore. Scuffs and all. It's a good thing I like them well enough not to care. :)
My almost 8 month old... 8 days shy to be exact. Can you believe went from the first picture bawling to this one in a matter of moments. I am going to have to choose him as my happiest/easiest baby of all so far... and I have had 3 very good babies!
Poor little guy is going through a separation anxiety period right now, however. He just wakes up screaming and all it takes is one of us taking him in our arms and he's snoring again. It would be fine if we could just lay him back down then, but he senses it and is back to screaming. Steve has been laying in the bunk bed with him for a bit hoping he'll get back into a deep enough sleep to lay down in his crib. I think Steve secretly enjoys the bunk bed nights he's had lately though. He tells me how Cohen just cuddles right up into him and goes to sleep. So sweet.

A busy week ahead... something going on every single night and 2 days that require quite a bit of kitchen time on my part. It's all worth it and I stayed up late last night figuring out a menu and a battle plan for Christmas dinner that is at my house each year. I only have one oven and that is the dilemma. We are kicking ourselves for not putting an oven in the kitchen downstairs... Steve and I have decided that by next Christmas, I'll probably have a double oven to work with up in my main kitchen. :) Yay! Hopefully all this cooking goes as smoothly as it looks on paper!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve! ;)


Kimberly said...

I just love your pictures! Did steve tell you that we were at best buy looking for a camera? I didnt have your number but i was kinda surprised how much he seemed to know haha. Ill have to email you soon to get your opinions. We want to get one soon but I cant make up my mind on the final decision, i almost bought one of the rebels.... But anyways your kids are so adorable and i love the christmas outfits! My friend from church has an 8 month old that is going through seperation anxiety right now too! I had never heard of it until she was explaining it to me on Sunday! Poor little guys :( Good luck getting everything ready this week. We got your Christmas card and it is GORGEOUS! I love love love it!!! Thanks so much for sending us one!

Jen Bird said...

I love their Christmas outfits!! And I wish I had a pair of those adorable red shoes!!

Mical said...

Cute Christmas outfits! I love your holly wreaths.