Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burns and Baths

We were at my parent's house on Sunday and Cohen put his hand on their glass fireplace and burned it. It was the saddest thing... he was just screaming and shaking as I was running his hand under cold water. I should have been watching him closer, but didn't know the fire was on otherwise, I would have never set him down to play while I went to grab some dinner. I felt horrible! I'm happy to say that the initial pain he dealt with has been the worst of it and since then he doesn't act like it bothers him too much. It did blister though, so doctor's orders were to keep it wrapped until the blisters popped and healed. He guessed about a week and we're not there yet, but it's getting better. I'm so relieved that it wasn't worse. We were really lucky.

This first picture was the next day and that bandage didn't last long on his hand. He's sneaky and would get it off no matter how many times I put it back on.
So, the next day, we put a sock on his hand with a spot cut for his thumb and another for his other fingers and it worked perfect! Thanks to my Aunt Susan for the suggestion!

He still managed to get it off at night once, but we figured as long as it worked during the day, we were happy! He hasn't been sleeping well at night, but it's not because of the burn... it's because instead of just 2 teeth that I thought were coming in... all 4 of his top teeth are coming in at once. I will be so happy to be done with teething one day. It just takes forever!

The older kids had a major bubble bath the other night down in the basement. They love to have bathes down there, and this time they were almost swallowed up by all the bubbles.

We had to hose them off in the shower when it was time to get out. There was just no escaping the bubbles.


Lisa said...

scott told me what happened!! Poor Cohen :(

Heather Strong said...

Poor Cohen! That is so sad! That reminds me of what happened to Renee's Lydia. We could have upgraded to a fireplace in our house but I have been glad (so far) that we haven't because I know Emmett would be all over it. Someday, we will have one...

Meghan said...

Heather - I say a fireplace is awesome as long as it is elevated and the bench in front of it is too high for little ones too young to understand "hot" to climb on. We have 2 at home and it's never been an issue for any of our 3 children. It's the ones right on the floor that are so dangerous.

And yes, Lydia was actually who popped in my mind as I was running Cohen's hand under cold water. I'm just so grateful that it wasn't that bad.

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

So sad about Cohen's hands. We just dealt with burns a few weekends ago. Judd touched the exhaust of the snow blower right after it was used. It was so sad. Same thing, screaming and shaking for over an hour! Once they popped they healed really fast! Good luck! I'm glad it wasn't anything worse. I think of Lydia every time someone mentions a burn.

Devin Bird said...

His poor hand!! That's so dang sad! I love the bath pictures of the kids! I have to come and see their rooms!!