Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Eventful Friday Night.

Or technically, I should say Saturday morning.

Kanyon went to bed Friday night with a little cold. No big deal. But, at midnight he woke up and was coughing and couldn't breath. Remember this and this from last year? Same thing. So off to the ER he and I went. It was slammed. The ambulances just kept coming and I was sitting about 10 feet from a dude that was barfing in a bucket. Yuck. We sat there for 2 hours and still had yet to be seen. Kanyon was breathing better and really wanted to go home, so we just signed a form and left. He woke up again at 5:30 and had the same thing happen... I took him outside, calmed him down, and let him just breath in the cool air blowing in from the canyon. He seemed better and went back to sleep. We got into his pediatrician first thing this morning and got him on steroids and breathing treatments along with his regular inhaler. We got a script for our very own nebulizer, so I think we'll just go ahead and buy one. It would make my life so much easier and we'd probably have less ER trips with one of those in the house. After all that, Kanyon is as contagious as a kid with a cold. I wish that was all he ever got.

Here he is today during a breathing treatment. He still doesn't love these but does them without much complaint.

So, while all this was going on with Kanyon, just as we got back from the ER and got into bed Scarlett falls out of her bed and is screaming. Steve goes in and calms her down and she goes right back to bed. Well, this morning Scarlett's pillow is soaked with blood... we see no signs of blood anywhere. We checked her nose, mouth, etc and nothing. Finally we look at her head and there is the biggest gash. Seriously, like an inch and a half. Steve and I just stared at each other wondering how in the world we missed that. So, she came to the pediatrician with Kanyon and I and was checked out. He said if we would have brought her to the ER last night, she would have gotten staples in her head. Luckily, we didn't notice it and it closed up pretty good last night on it's own. I was relieved. I thought for sure I was going to be strapping down my little girl for some stitching this morning.

Despite it all, she acts like nothing happened!
I'm tired. And I'm going to bed right now. Please give me back my uneventful life... I really appreciate it right now.


Melissa said...

Oh no! What a night! I am so glad everyone is okay and I hope you have an EXTRA SUPER BORING night. ;-)

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Oh Man! Meghan that sounds like an AWFUL night! Blah. Hope you found a nap somewhere today and that your little ones are feeling better! :(

Love you!

Tell Steve to have a happy Father's Day!


Jen said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it! I'm so sorry! I have thought about getting my own nebulizer also for Blake it's so worth it I hate ER trips in the middle of the night!

stacey said...

Poor Kanyon. I'm glad that you'll be able to have a machine at home and not have to do those late night trips hopefully. And Scarlett. OUCH! I'm glad that it healed up well on it's own during the night.

allison said...

goodness gracious meg! I'm glad you got a nebulizer for home use. That really will make a huge difference in how many ER trips you'll have to take!

Poor little Scarlett! Glad she doesn't seem to notice her boo boo!

Tracey said...

great googly moogly! what a night is right! i am so glad the kids are so resilent and everyone is ok. i hope you get some rest. you have to be emotinally exhausted now.

Jen Bird said...

What a crazy middle of the night! I hope you've gotten better sleep since then! And I love Scarlett's room!! How cute are those pictures!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

poor guy, he is such a trooper wearing that thing. You have had your hands full, I can't imagine!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! How freaky! Poor Scarlette! Allie has the same thing as Kanyon it sounds like. She gets a cold and then the asthma kicks in. We got her a nebulizer a year ago when she started getting it bad and its helped us so much. The only times we've had to take her in since getting one is when we're on vacation or something. I hope it works out for him. It's got to be so scary.

brandon and jakell said...

Is there such thing as an uneventful life when you have kids? J/K

It does get crazy at times for sure. Sounds like a crazy night for you. I remember going through almost the same thing when my little boy was a years and a half while we were camping. Fighting asthma with my oldest daughter then shortly after my son fell and hit his head in the trailer and we had to run him down for stitches a few hours later. Seems like life just gets more and more eventful as it goes on :)

Glad they are both okay. You will LOVE having your own neutralizer! With two kids with asthma and one with animal allergies, it saves us!

P.S. Your kids were adorable at the reunion!