Friday, June 19, 2009

Scarlett's big girl room

Finally, this project of Scarlett's room was started just before her 2nd birthday in early April... and now it's mostly done. Just a couple of things here and there still to do and it'll be complete. (like hang my awesome birdcage that I got on sale at anthropologie... love it!)

So, here it is... in photos taken from each corner of her room starting from the doorway:

And a better look at the pictures I printed to hang, along with the frames that I sanded down and painted white. Sorry about the glare on the one... I snapped these so fast today that I didn't notice. ;)
I'm feeling great after getting one of those projects done that has just been lingering on my mind every single day when I go in her disaster of a room... Now I just need to finish adjusting Kanyon's room to fit Cohen as well and I'll be feeling even better. :)


Mical said...

I love it, its so cute and very girley. I take it you got her little fuzzie balls sewn back on. :)

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! There is so much detail in everything...from the wood work to all your fun and cute decorating ideas! I love looking at your blog...even though I do not know you!

Lisa said...

who's the anonymous person??? They do not even know you ;) Makes ya wonder right??

Meghan said...

Anonymous - Thank you for the compliment!

Lisa - wonder? sure... bothered by it? Not really! :) At least this person left a comment. I look at people's blogs that I don't know and haven't ever left a comment. I probably should. :)

Heidi said...

Yes, blog stalking can be kinda weird I know...I promise I am not a crazy person! =) I happened upon your blog and was intrigued with your house, decorating style, your cute kids, your gorgeous pics, etc. So I am sorry...but I am admitting to being your blog stalker! This time I will leave my name attached! =)

Meghan said...

Heidi - Stalk away! Honestly, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Feel free to comment whenever you'd like, too! :)