Thursday, June 25, 2009

Batman Photoshoot

Oh boy, Kanyon is getting so fun to take pictures of. He takes good direction and what he does without direction is pure genius when he's dressed up as a super hero. I was almost giddy with every click of the shutter as I took these this week... Oh the potential!

I can't show you my favorite ones because, well, they're for his birthday invitation (yes, a batman party)... but there were quite a few fun ones. :)

I'll share the invitation once I get them sent out. I just ordered them today...
I never thought I'd enjoy planning a batman party or any superhero party for that matter. I was so wrong! :)


Mical said...

I love the last one where he is squating. He is so "fierce!!"

I will have to remember to show Caden these tomorrow. He will get a huge kick out of them.

Lisa said...