Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Fashionista

IMG_0445edit sm WM
Are there any words for this?
She would have, hands down, won worst-dressed just about anywhere she decided to go. 

Lucky for her, she has a mother that wouldn't let her even come out of the playroom dressed like this for more than a quick snapshot to embarrass her with when she's older.  Mark my words, this will be in her Senior class of 2025 slide-show one of these days.  ;)

Even better?  That is Kelan's winter hat... yes, her 7 month old little brother's.  
Adds a little unexpected feel, no? ;)


Cindy S. said...

Scarlett is a doll!! Claire has that same batgirl costume and it's her favorite dress up item....she often pairs it with heels ;)

Heather Strong said...

Ha ha! That is cute. Zoey (Annie's girl) is 9 and would still wear something like this... to school... with 6 clips in her hair of all the colors of the rainbow. Embrace the creativity, I guess! :)

Allison Stromberg said...

shes so cute!