Friday, March 25, 2011

Following Cohen

I decided to sit up in the playroom with Cohen on Wednesday with my camera and just take pictures of what he busys himself with.  It was kind of fun.  :)  So fun, in fact, that I looked at the clock and realized that I was already 5 minutes late picking up the preschool carpool that day.


That's okay.  It was worth it.  :)
He played "cars" on his train set we put up together... apparently Thomas was not as fun today as "Mr. the king".
A little baseball...
"shootin' hoops" as he likes to say...  
He spent the most time doing this... with every kind of ball you can imagine including a golf ball and a football.  :)  All the while saying... "mama, watch!"  
IMG_0470edit sm WM
He played with blocks... (don't mind his left eye, we were still in the throws of pink eye that day and it was still a little swollen)
Right after blocks, he spent some time at the lego table, but I didn't get a photo of that because I was too busy trying to save Kanyon's lego creations that Cohen was ripping apart. :/  That's usually Kanyon's first question when he walks through the door... "has Cohen been up in the playroom yet today??"  Poor kid.  When Cohen finally stops wrecking his stuff, Kelan will start.  ;)

Stinky the garbage truck got a lot of attention too.  (seriously, this toy is hysterical.  check it out if you haven't yet)
IMG_0477edit sm WM
IMG_0478edit sm WM
And apparently it made him mad... he doesn't really care for consoling though.  He cries and then usually just walks it off.  If I try and hug him or give his 'owie' a kiss... he pushes away.  He's my tough kid.  :)
IMG_0482edit sm WM
Drove a different car up the slide...
IMG_0475edit FG sm WM
Aaaaaand that was about the time I noticed that I was 5 minutes late picking up the kids.  :)  
I probably took these pictures all in less than 10 minutes though. 

By the way... I'm pretty proud to say that the pink eye was contained to just Cohen.  That is not an easy task with 4 young kids.  The last time we had pink eye... I just had 3 kids but all of them got it and I did too.  Not this time!  I was vigilant in my efforts to control it!  :)  It certainly paid off too.

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