Friday, March 18, 2011

Kelan: 7 months

IMG_0418edit sm WM
I can't believe that Kelan is officially 7 months old now.  I swear he just turned 6 months... and I'm not ready for all that he's doing.  He started crawling while in Hawaii and now he's pulling himself up to toys and the couch.  The only problem is he doesn't realize that he can't just let go of what he's got a hold of or he crashes to the floor pretty hard.  I have a feeling that the bumps and bruises are just beginning now.  We are back in the stage where there are constantly pillows lined up along the fireplace as a buffer for him.
IMG_0416edit sm WM
IMG_0415edit BW sm WM
IMG_0425edit sm WM
I'm a little scared because so far Kelan is following in Cohen's footsteps as far as milestones go and Cohen was walking at the tail end of 8 months.  I don't need 2 kids running away from me anytime soon, so say a little prayer for me that Kelan enjoys crawling so much that he doesn't walk til he is at least 1.  :)

Sleep has been rough the past couple of weeks for Kelan. We've been doing the cry it out method the last couple of days and while it's hard, I think it's working well enough.  I feel like I've become such a softie over the years with the more kids I've had... normally we would have done this already by his age, but for some reason we just haven't.
It's because he's just too cute, I guess.  ;)  And I also don't know for certain that I'll be going through this baby stage ever again... and that's (although exciting to think about!) kind of sad and I want to enjoy every second that he lets me hold and rock him, just in case.  Even if that means less sleep!

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Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Awww I LOVE him! In the third picture he is making SUCH a Scarlett face! :)

Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Love, Alex