Monday, March 14, 2011

The Evolution of Me.

I was looking at my photobooth pics with the kids the other day and I noticed that you can see how much I've changed in the last almost 7 months just from those.  Seems like the only time I'm really in front of the camera is when my kids want to play with that.  They love it.   I'm kind of glad because now I have a record of this journey I've taken too!

So, I grabbed 3 shots to share since I've been working so hard.

The first shot is my 9 month pregnant self.  Just 9 days shy of D-day with Kelan in August.
Photo 79
This next shot is of my post pregnant self and Kelan at 5 days old.  Yikes!  Did they forget another baby in there???  ;)  My kids certainly wondered!
Photo 9
This last shot is from today.  I started working out around Halloween because I went to the doctor at 10 weeks postpartum and stood on the scale and wanted to die. haha!  It was the most I had ever weighed not being pregnant.  ;)  I am now currently down 22 lbs from that point.  Kelan is almost 7 months old now.  
Photo 76
I'm still working on some other goals... not necessarily to lose more weight, but lower my body fat percentage a bit more, put a little more "junk in the trunk" as my trainer says, etc.  

It's really amazing what losing weight can do for your energy and how much more aware it makes you be about what you put into your body.  I eat way differently now, but it doesn't seem like work anymore and I don't even have to think about it.

Now, to keep it off... especially once I'm finished nursing the little babe.  :)


Abbie Ollerton said...

I think it is pretty amazing that you can fit some "me" time in with four young kids. You look great!

becca said...

Wow you look amazing! How do you do it? Grace is the same age as Kelan and I am having a hard time finding the time to exercise. I'm jealous:)

P.S. I started a new photo blog to try and get better at using my camera. I think your pictures are amazing and I would love any advice you could give me. If you ever get a second to look at it and see something I could do different to get a better exposure I would love the help!

becca said...

oops, I forgot to give you the url

Cristal said...

You look fantastic! I'm looking to lose a little more of my trunk junk still. ;)