Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kauai: All the rest

This is the last of the Kauai posts, so it'll be kind of a bunch of random stuff.

We spent a lot of time down at the Point at Poi'Pu where Brenda and Barry were staying.  The kids loved the pool.  After a while, they were tired of the sand at the beach, but I don't think they ever tired of the pool.  

On two different nights during our 2 weeks there, Kanyon and Scarlett got to pack their bags and have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Neither of them have ever had a sleepover anywhere (not even family).  We've attempted once to have Kanyon sleep at his cousin's in Las Vegas only for us to have to go pick him up at 2am.  :/  But, we had high hopes this time because he's 2 years older now and he had Scarlett and she had him.  They had a blast!  That's where they made the driftwood craft that I posted a photo of when we returned home... the resort they stay at has crafts every day for the kids, along with face painting, etc. They loved it.

One of the things they did with Grandma and Grandpa that they loved was feeding the fish.  There are a bunch of little ponds with Koi fish in them.  They got food from the lobby desk and showed us how it was done one day when we were there at the pool.
IMG_0369edit FG sm WM
IMG_0370edit FG sm WM
These fish were crazy aggressive!  And really big, I might add.  It kind of freaked me out!  The noise they all made, flopping around on each other trying to get the food was crazy!
IMG_0373edit sm WM
IMG_0375edit sm WM
Cohen was totally into it.  
IMG_0379edit sm WM
IMG_0380edit sm WM
IMG_0381edit BW sm WM
Here is Cohen at the pool.  He is the friendliest little boy and just makes friends wherever.  This day it was a little 3 year old boy.  They followed each other around in that pool.
IMG_0386edit FG sm WM
IMG_0385edit sm WM
IMG_0387edit sm WM
Cohen is our waterbaby.  He doesn't care if it's cold or warm, as long as there are no waves.  ;)  He needs a little dose of fear however when it comes to the water.  He was in swim lessons with his older siblings right before Hawaii and learned how to float on his back in the deep water... but it almost made him just brave enough to do things in the water, but his skills to handle the deeper water weren't quite up to the level of his bravery.  
Small example.  Brenda and I were sitting there on the chairs talking and watching the kids.  All of a sudden, we see Cohen just walking further and further into the deeper water.  He was pointing to something (later we realized it was the waterfall he wanted to see) and just kept walking despite us telling him to come back.  He got clear up passed his nose and almost to his eyes before we got to him.  I thought for sure he would stop and turn around the moment it got up to his face... but no.  He was determined to get where he wanted to go and water was not going to stop him.  ;)  Crazy kid.  Thankfully he was happy most of the time to play in the shallow water.  

Kelan did have his first pool experience and liked it, but I didn't get to capture it on camera because with both Cohen and Kelan in the water, Steve and I both had our hands full!
IMG_0390edit sm WM
Kanyon is our little swimmer.  He swam everywhere with his goggles and I didn't have to worry about him at all.  I can see a bright spot in our future, when the pool and any water activity will soon become not as hard of work and more play time for us with our kids.  If each one of my kids are swimming as good as Kanyon is at 5 years old, then we will be set!
IMG_0394edit FG sm WM
IMG_0393edit BW sm WM
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa... the kids loved their floaties.  Scarlett especially enjoyed Hippo because it allowed her to keep up with Kanyon a little bit more when he was swimming in the deeper water.
IMG_0400edit sm wM
This was Scarlett after she got back from going to the store with Grandma and Grandpa.   She looked at me and said, "mom, do I have anything on my face?"  Just a little bit of chocolate!  ;)  I guess she had asked Barry if she had anything on her face and he said no because he wanted us to see her.  haha!  This is a picture of a little girl being spoiled!
At the pool on our last day here in Kauai, the kids got their faces painted.  I won't tell you how long it lasted, being at the pool and all.  ;)  Just long enough to get a picture and that was about it!

Kanyon had a dragon blowing fire.
And Scarlett got a beautiful butterfly.
The kids have, many times since we've been home, talked about how much they want to go back to Hawaii... how much they loved it and also how much they miss Grandpa Barry and Grandma Brenda.  :)  I am just glad we left before the earthquake hit in Japan and Hawaii had the tsunami scare (for the second year in a row!).  Barry and Brenda were safe though up on higher ground... just an uncomfortable night in their car.  So glad it was nothing more!

And now we get to focus on Spring!  I am hopeful that the warmer, high 50's we've had lately will stay!! 


stacey said...

I have loved looking at your HI photos. I keep saying I'll get there some year, and watching how much your kids enjoy it and how beautiful it truly is there makes me want to go that much more. Again, I'm so glad you're home safe and Brenda and Barry made it through the scare safely.

becca said...

Oh that sun looks heavenly! What a fun trip! I can't wait for it to warm up here!

Lindsay said...

Fun!!!!!! Seriously great pics and looks like you had an awesome time!