Friday, March 11, 2011

Kauai: Sunday Afternoon

We spent a Sunday evening outside just playing in the big backyard and eating coconuts. It was a glimpse of what our summer evenings might be back home and thinking about it now just makes me wish for time to speed up!

Kelan just played on the lawn and when he could manage it, he would try and eat the grass.  :)
We ate a couple coconuts, but this one was by far the ripest and best one we found.  I think Steve felt like a real man getting those things open without so much as a knife, let alone a machete!
All of the kids tried the coconut milk and ate some of the coconut too.  They all loved it.  Here's Cohen shoving it in his mouth on the run.
IMG_0341edit sm WM
We braided Scarlett's hair out there for the first time.  She was proud.
Kanyon had fun using the rope to get down to the beach at the edge of the property.  That's where all the erosion is happening.
IMG_0329edit sm WM
IMG_0319edit sm WM
IMG_0334edit sm WM
Cohen learned his first farm animal sound while out there... cock-a-doodle-doo.  We had roosters galore around the house and and they were kind enough to crow even at 3am.  It's no wonder Cohen walked around screaming 'cock-a-doo-doo'.  If you ask him what a rooster says, he'll say that... but if you ask him what a cow says, he'll say the same thing.  ;)  We need to work on that, I guess.
IMG_0332edit sm WM
Doesn't Kelan remind you of Charlie Brown?  He does me... my little bald Chuck.  haha!
IMG_0323edit sm WM
I know.  Scarlett's braids could be easily mistaken for a braided rat tail in some of these pictures.  She was insistent though.  Lucky for me, since we've been home, I have been able to avoid braiding her hair.  ;)
IMG_0339edit sm WM
I should have asked Steve's mom to take a picture of our whole family together while we were out there... but at least I got one of Steve and the kids and then he turned the camera on me and the kids.
IMG_0345edit sm WM
Pictures of me and all 4 of my kids are rare.  I love this one (even though I have zero makeup on!).  Can't believe we have eye contact from all of them.  :)
Peek a boo! 
IMG_0362edit sm WM
IMG_0363edit BW sm WM
Kelan is the happiest little 6 month* old ever.  Seriously, that is the most often asked question I get from friends, family, and even strangers about him... "Is he always this happy?"  It just doesn't take much to get a grin from him.   Poor guy just must be starved for attention being that he's #4.  ;)  Just kidding.
IMG_0365edit sm WM
It was such a nice Sunday afternoon and I didn't want to go inside, but it was starting to get dark and the mosquitoes were coming out!  Yuck!  I do not miss the bugs from out there, there were just far too many... I love that Utah is minimal on the bug issue.  :)

*Speaking of Kelan being 6 months... I guess I should note for my own record that I took him to the doctor last week for his well check and he is now 16 lbs 4 oz. (25th percentile), 27 inches long (55th percentile), and his head is 42.5cm (25th percentile).  He jumped up about 10 percent from his 4 month well check so I must be feeding him enough!  Also, it's official... he's crawling on all 4s now as of this week.  I swear that nothing is cuter when they figure that out.  :)  Love him.

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Jen Bird said...

You took SO many awesome** pictures!!! I love the ones with Steve and you with the kids!! Priceless!! Gosh, that place is breathtaking!!