Saturday, January 1, 2011

Over-run with Snow

We've had two pretty good size snow storms in the last couple of weeks... bringing a couple feet of snow... and a few smaller snow storms prior to that. It's been pretty outside and was a perfectly white Christmas.

My poor, deprived kids had not been out in the snow at all this year... mostly because it meant me searching for snow pants for each one and knowing that I probably was short a pair for Scarlett. So, after spending a morning searching for them... I found that I was indeed short snow pants for Scarlett. Thanks to Dad though, she had some by the time she woke up from her nap on Thursday and we were ready to play.

It was about 5pm when the kids got outside to play... the reason for the darkish pictures.

Kanyon and Scarlett were pros in the snow (until it got on Scarlett's face - she doesn't handle that so well). She is the little girl dressed as a boy in the photo below. ;) She opted to borrow Kanyon's old winter coat because hers was too hard to pull over her gloves.
IMG_9860edit sm WM
This was Cohen's first "real" snow experience. (aside from the one time on the sled with Steve on New Year's day last year... he was far too young to be a fan. Come to think of it... I never blogged those pictures. Maybe I'll have to do that, albeit a year late exactly.)
IMG_9863edit sm WM
He has been the best kid in the snow for the first time by far. Dressed like a marshmallow, he walked around like a pro. Pretty sure Kanyon sat and cried his first time in the snow.
IMG_9872edit BW sm WM
He even attempted and succeeded in climbing up a snow bank within the first 5 minutes.
IMG_9875edit sm WM
IMG_9877edit sm WM
IMG_9878edit sm WM
Scarlett was working on her snow "fairy", rather than angel.
IMG_9874edit sm WM
IMG_9866edit sm WM
IMG_9870edit sm WM
IMG_9868edit sm WM
IMG_9861edit sm WM
IMG_9865edit sm WM
The kids really wanted to build a snowman, but Steve claimed it wasn't the packing kind of snow. I think he just didn't want to do it right then. ;) Oh well, it just means he's got to get back out there on another day to do it with them.
IMG_9881edit sm WM
Prepping a sledding hill in our driveway.
IMG_9879edit sm WM
A success for Cohen.
IMG_9880edit sm WM
Not so much for Kanyon. Oops.
IMG_9885edit sm WM
IMG_9882edit sm WM
IMG_9869edit sm WM
If it has to be this cold outside... then there had better be snow to play in or at least make it look pretty out there. The cold weather starts to get old fast, in my opinion, after Christmas is over.

Bring on the Spring!! :)

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