Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Missing: One bottom tooth

One of Kanyon's teeth that were loose actually fell out yesterday. The only problem is we aren't sure where!
IMG_9858edit sm WM
I'm pretty sure he must have swallowed it... and to that realization Kanyon said, "But Mom! How will we get it out of me!?!" :) That led to a very interesting conversation.

Despite his concern, he was really excited!
IMG_9859edit sm WM
Now we're just waiting for the other one to fall out, and this time hoping that we get to put an actual tooth under his pillow instead of a note explaining the situation to the Toothfairy. :)


Jen Bird said...

I can't believe it!! So adorable!! I am dying that he may have swallowed it though!! ;) Can't wait to see his missing tooth smile!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to my son! We left my brother's wedding around 11pm and it was still in his mouth and when we woke up around 8am the next morning, it was gone! We searched his bed and all around but couldn't find it! My hubby was able to sneak a couple of dollars (all he still had in his wallet!) under his pillow while I distracted him looking for the tooth. We explained that he either swallowed it (and the toothfairy still left him money!) or the toothfairy came and got it the very second it fell out of his mouth and traded it for the dollars!