Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Kanyon was up at 4am. And we thought his regular morning at 6am was early. Needless to say we sent him back to bed numerous times before we finally gave in just before 7am when Cohen woke up.
IMG_9851edit sm WM
Santa did indeed make an appearance and the kids were giddy with excitement. They ought to have been too because Santa spoiled them this year. (I think next year, Santa needs to put a limit on the number of gifts and go from there... apparently this year he/she forgot how many things had already been purchased and tucked away as early as November! Oops!)

*these photos below are of the night before after Santa had set everything up*
IMG_9843edit sm WM
Cohen had a gift that was setup in the playroom for him, so Santa wrote a note for him to go find it. Boy was he excited. I should have gotten pictures of his face when he dove in that thing. We do have video though and that's even better. :)
IMG_9849edit sm WM
We enjoyed the day at home and family came to our house to visit and see what the kids got. Trevor and Alex were the only ones who stayed and had homemade potato soup and rolls for dinner with us and then we played the night away on the new Pictionary game that we got for the Wii once the kids were in bed.

Here is Alex's masterpiece after the game was over and she played on the free draw mode.
IMG_9856edit sm WM
Pretty impressive, especially since the pen and drawing device take some getting used to!!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

(Call me scrooge, but all my Christmas decor was down the next day. :) I can't handle the clutter for too long!)

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Lindsay said...

How do you not just die every time you see that little Cohen. Oh my gosh he is just so dang adorable!