Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve with the Shipp's

We always spend Christmas Eve at my parent's house with my siblings and my grandparents. My mom made a ham dinner and we exchanged gifts as we do every year.
IMG_9815edit sm WM
IMG_9823edit BW sm WM
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Trent was very creative with his gift of money for Alex this year... folded into little boots! :) It's kind of a running joke that Trent gives to Alex every year, even though each year we randomly draw names. It must just be meant to be. ;)
IMG_9822edit sm WM
Great gifts deserve high 5's all around.
IMG_9817edit BW sm WM
The kids dressed in their new PJ's they opened that night... and all freshly bathed!
IMG_9828edit sm WM
I loved this picture of Cohen with my dad. So sweet.
IMG_9827edit sm WM
Scarlett was showing a very interested Uncle Troy the contents of her purse that Great Grandma Cummings gave her... she has carried that everywhere with her since that night. :)
IMG_9832edit sm WM
Could this be a family photo? Yes, yes it is!
IMG_9836edit BW sm WM
Thanks to Alex for the very first family picture with all 6 of us present and accounted for. :)

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