Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sonnenberg Christmas

We always spend the 23rd of December over at Ken and Babata's house doing the Sonnenberg side of the family's Christmas celebration. The kids really look forward to it because they love giving gifts to their cousins that they picked out.

We had a really yummy spread of food... after seeing it all, I just gave up on eating healthy and ate what I wanted. :) I did not regret it either as it did not disappoint!
IMG_9808edit sm WM
IMG_9807edit sm WM
IMG_9794edit sm WM
Kanyon and his cousin Maya are such good buddies.
IMG_9798edit sm WM
Scarlett and Aliyah are too... and pretty much inseperable whenever they get together.
IMG_9805edit BW sm WM
Grandma and Grandpa Sonnenberg with their great grandkids (and Babata). :)
IMG_9801edit sm WM
James was there too, but apparently hiding from my camera.

After dinner we all went to a retirement community center and gave out gifts, cookies, and other little treats to the older people there that were eating their dinner at the time. They always love the kids and the kids love bringing around the goodies to share. It's really so sweet. My kids looked forward to it all week long after we talked about doing service for others earlier in the week.

Can't wait until next year! :)

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