Monday, December 27, 2010

The Polar Express

We have tried to get tickets to take the Polar Express (or the Heber Creeper) to the "North Pole" in December since Kanyon was 2. But, we never seem to get to ordering them early enough and it's sold out. This year was different and we were really excited to go.
Eating a cookie...
IMG_9748edit sm WM
IMG_9751edit BW sm WM
IMG_9753edit sm WM
Caroling on the train...
IMG_9757edit BW sm WM
My review? It wasn't that great. :( For the price? Not worth it at all. I heard that they used to pay Disney? or whoever has the rights to the name/movie, but this year is the first year that they changed the name to the North Pole Express and I'm wondering if it went down hill from there. It's too bad too because it could really be done cute and well!

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Jen said...

it hasn't ever been worth the price! I went 2 years ago and was totally dissapointed...I mean its cute but just not worth the price!