Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Fish

With each child I have, more time seems to pass before I get pictures of them in the tub. Kelan has enjoyed his bath for a little while now... he was just a day shy of 4 months old when I took these earlier this month.
IMG_9770edit BW sm WM
IMG_9760edit BW sm WM
IMG_9769edit BW sm WM
IMG_9763edit BW sm WM
Maybe the reason it takes longer to get a picture is because I bathe each baby less often? Steve and I always joke about when Kelan's last bath was... Most of the time we can't remember.


At least he's a baby and isn't rolling around in the dirt outside and isn't breaking a sweat, right? Right?!?

Once he's older and sitting up/crawling, then he'll get a regular bath with the other 3. Until then, let's just say we are preserving his baby soft skin in these dry winter months. ;)

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