Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Can you believe I didn't even bring my camera to Thanksgiving dinner? Yep. Sad, but I was getting 4 kids in the car after making rolls that morning to bring for dinner. I just plain forgot!

Dinner was great and the company even better. We were at my mom's house this year and everyone in my immediate family was there... and Steve's little brother, James, as well! Lots of food, pie, chatting, and football. Just how it should be.

Friday morning my sister and I went out to catch a few Black Friday deals... we were only out by 6am though (not with the crazies at midnight or 3 or 4am). We decided there was nothing worth missing our precious sleep for. ;) We did meet up with Alex and my mom, Grandma Deanna, and Aunt Susan at Pizza Factory for our annual lunch. A good way to end the shopping day.

That night the kids watched A Christmas Carol together before bed because my sister and her family moved over to stay at our house from my mom's.
IMG_9442edit sm WM
IMG_9445edit sm WM
How cute is Cole and Cohen in that first picture hugging? I didn't even notice that until I uploaded my pictures.

Saturday was a pretty relaxing morning with Pumpkin Spice pancakes for breakfast and hubbies off playing basketball. Mical did her daughter, Callie's, hair all cute with pin curls and Scarlett was dying to get in on that... So Mical was kind enough to try even with her baby fine hair.
IMG_9446edit sm WM
IMG_9447edit sm WM
And the finished product...
IMG_9449edit sm WM
IMG_9450edit sm WM
It fell flat fairly quickly, but was darling until then.

We headed up to Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square as is our tradition on the weekend of Thanksgiving. It was freezing, but was beautiful. I took lots of pictures and joked that I was making up for forgetting my camera on Thanksgiving. ;)

Here are all the cousins - minus Kelan because he was snugly bundled in the stroller asleep.
IMG_9454edit sm WM
The whole group - minus me and Kelan. Someone's got to take the picture!
IMG_9455edit sm WM
My little family... too bad you can't see Kelan. He is in the stroller pictured on the left.
IMG_9457edit sm WM
Here's the proof. :)
IMG_9463edit sm WM
My sister and her family.
IMG_9459edit sm WM
Trevor and Alex
IMG_9460edit sm WM
A few pretty pictures...
IMG_9465edit sm WM
IMG_9469edit sm WM
IMG_9470edit sm WM
IMG_9468edit sm WM
My family all together. Not sure if my parents know how lucky they are to have us all together at least 2 times a year. :)
IMG_9485edit sm WM
Kanyon and his cousin Caden... man these two love each other.
IMG_9478edit sm WM
Scarlett with her Uncle Troy and Grandpa.
IMG_9481edit sm WM
I think the cold was making the kids a little crazy... Here is my nephew Cole.
IMG_9477edit sm WM
Callie and Scarlett - also little bestie cousins.
IMG_9474edit sm WM
My niece, Maddi, enjoying some hot chocolate... don't you love the mittens? Pretty sure they were worn by all my brothers when they were little. Maddi was thankful for them though since she lost one of her gloves that night before we got there.
IMG_9487edit sm WM
IMG_9473edit sm WM
IMG_9479edit BW sm WM
Alex, Trev, my Mom, Troy, my Dad, and Trent
IMG_9482edit BW sm WM
Cohen wasn't being very nice to Steve up on his shoulders and after a few warnings not to hit him with his gloved little hands... he sat on timeout at the infinity pool there. :) It worked and he was a nicer little boy afterwards. So glad he's old enough now to understand timeouts! We laughed that one day we could be telling him this story on his wedding day if he chooses to get married in the SLC temple. ;)
IMG_9471edit sm WM
This little munchkin woke up just before we left. He didn't make a peep, he was such a good little babe. When we got him out of his warm clothes to put him back in the car, he was really toasty! I was so glad because I had worried about it so much!
IMG_9486edit sm WM
I have so much to be thankful for and I'm reminded of it all during this holiday. Especially for my 4 perfectly healthy little children and my wonderful husband. I'm so blessed and couldn't possibly ask for more.

The countdown to Christmas begins! My little children remind me of it daily. ;)


Jen Bird said...

So cute! It looks so pretty!! I love the picture of you and your siblings/parents. :)

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Meghan! Yay! What great pictures ;) I was wondering if you could email me a couple that I could use for my blog? I can save them straight from your blog but they are terrible quality. It drives me CRAZY still that I can't blow up the pictures to look at them more closely! But apparently I have a flikr account with my yahoo email address so maybe you can add me?

Thanks! :) -Alex

Mical said...

Such a fun weekend! You got such awesome pictures!!

Melissa said...

Oh, I just LOVED looking at these!! Scarlett's hair is getting so long!! Hard to believe she was "hair-challenged" for a while. ;) You have such a beautiful family, immediate and extended. The pictures of the temple and reflecting Christmas tree are just gorgeous! I'd say you have definitely made up for forgetting your camera on Thanksgiving day. I <3 your blog.

Madeline said...

That last picture is precious! You're all beautiful!

Liz said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up your brothers are! Well, really, I should, but kids don't really age in your head even though you do... weird. You're parents are really lucky to have you all together twice a year!