Monday, November 22, 2010

It's in the air...

IMG_9437edit FG sm WM
We decorated for Christmas a little early this year... but we've been enjoying it. The kids are especially enjoying reading Christmas books before bed together. Cohen has been missing out on the story time because it's MUCH harder to do with him awake. ;) Poor guy will be invited to join us eventually, but for now he just gets his special singing time in the rocking chair with me before bed.

On another note, the kids went to their cousin, Aliyah's, birthday party on Saturday and got their faces painted while there. They love this... especially Kanyon. He just gets into character. He was made up like a shark and Scarlett chose a butterfly.
IMG_9430edit sm WM
IMG_9425edit sm WM
Notice Scarlett's black eye. She fell off her bed and hit her face on her baby's cradle. Awesome. Totally ruined my plans to take the kids pictures for our Christmas card that still has yet to be created. Hope it heals up soon enough or at least enough for photoshop to help me out. ;) To make it even worse... the next day, Kanyon pulled on his stocking a little too hard and his stocking holder fell and hit him just under his eye as well. Cohen has had the croup this last week and a constant crusty nose as well. Something is telling me the pictures aren't going to happen. :/ I'm not going to give up just yet though!!

But, if something happens to Kelan next then I cannot promise you anything! :P

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Melissa said...

Oh Meghan, I *LOVE, LOVE, LOVE* the picture of you and the kids by the tree. So precious!