Monday, October 25, 2010


No pictures of me on my 29th this year... that's okay, we'll just save all the pictures for next year's big one. ;)

It was a nice birthday though... I woke up and opened some gifts from my hubby and kids, then I went to lunch with 2 of my favorite girls in the world, and then we went out as a family to Tepanyaki for dinner and Red Mango for dessert. Yum!

I took some pictures of Cohen that morning though because he was just too cute trying on all sorts of shoes. First it was Kanyon's old cowboy boots. I swear he rolled his ankles like 10 times walking around his room.
IMG_9284edit sm WM
Rocking in his room... I tried ordering standouts (the 3 pictures on the wall) for the first time for Cohen's room and really love them. His room is not finished, otherwise I would show you the rest. ;)
IMG_9289edit sm WM
Poor kid... Not sure what I did to make him mad... probably told him that he had to put on pants.
IMG_9293edit BW sm WM
My little lumberjack sporting his new boots for the winter. He loves them and is the cutest tromping around in those with his little bull-legged legs. :)
IMG_9296edit sm WM
IMG_9300edit sm WM
I was noticing a theme to my birthday gifts from Steve... tons of new workout clothes to go with the personal training sessions he just paid for that week, itunes gift card, new water bottle and arm strap for my ipod, $$ in my account to go shopping once I lost the baby weight, and then that night he put a candle in an apple for me since we weren't doing cake until Sunday. Hmmm. ;) I had to joke with him about it.

Steve and I went out on Saturday night since we couldn't get a sitter for Friday. Steve took me to La Caille. I love that place... the food is SO good. Kelan tagged along since I'm still nursing and even though we hoped he would sleep through dinner, he didn't. He was actually awake the entire time. Figures! He was a good little guy for the most part though and we had a good time.

On Sunday, it was the Primary Program at church and Kanyon was singing a verse from "Follow the Prophets" with 2 other little boys. So, my parents and grandparents and 2 little brothers came to support and watch him. He was so nervous when he saw everyone starting to arrive in the chapel that he was crying and didn't want to leave where Steve and I were sitting. After a pep-talk and a promise of a special surprise he decided that he would still do it. I think he probably sang the loudest out of the 3 and did awesome! We were so proud of him!

After church everyone came over to have dinner and cake and ice cream for my birthday. I made my own birthday cake, but at least it was good. ;)
IMG_9302edit sm WM
Three little vultures waiting anxiously for me to cut into it. ;)
IMG_9303edit sm WM
IMG_9304edit sm WM
It was fun to have everyone over. Steve claims that this birthday had to be lame (although it really wasn't) so that he could easily out-do it for my 30th. He'll really have to try hard since this was a great one!


Jen Bird said...

Your birthday cake looks delicious! We should have swapped 1/2 of each other's cakes...although yours looks better...chocolate and all!! I'm glad I got to share a little bit of your birthday with you!! :) Lunch was wonderful, but the company is always my favorite part! Let's do something really crazy before you turn old and 30!! :) jk...but really let's do! I have an idea that has something to do with a beach...haha!


Mical said...

I hate missing out on all the fun!!! :( but it sounds like it was a great day! See you soooooooooooon!! 10 days to be exact but who's counting?!