Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kelan's many faces...

IMG_9315edit sm WM
I'm anxious to see how much Kelan has grown when I take him in for his 2 month well check next week. (although it will be almost 3 weeks past his 2 month mark)
IMG_9312edit sm WM
He is such a happy little babe laying on the floor kicking and watching me fold clothes. I say folding clothes because I can only fold when Cohen is asleep and Kelan can also only be down laying on the floor when Cohen is asleep. So, often I find that I'm doing both of these things always at the same time. ;)

His big brothers and sister have so much fun trying to get him to smile at them. It's cute to watch them with him.
IMG_9321edit BW sm WM
IMG_9308edit FG sm WM
Pretty certain that brown eyes are already on their way for this little guy as I am seeing less and less blue daily. Scarlett is so excited that she, Kelan, and Daddy all will "match".
IMG_9313edit sm WM
IMG_9325edit BW sm WM
Aaaaannnnndddd.... he can only take so much of my camera. ;)

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Mical said...

Another brown-eyed baby? I have 2 of those too. :) I can't wait to hold him...soon!