Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Miracle

I remember how I felt when I got this picture of the 3 kids... I was ecstatic to have them all looking the right direction and no one crying (yet... Cohen burst into tears seconds after I snapped it). I didn't even care that their hair wasn't combed and they were wearing who knows what. I loved it so much that I even printed it big for the guest room downstairs.

I decided to attempt the 4 kids together for the first time yesterday afternoon. It was spur of the moment and once again, no hair was combed and no thought was put into what they had on at the moment.

After a few tries... I got this.
IMG_9268edit BW sm WM
And even this! Kelan looks like he's trying to smile too which is a new trick of his.
IMG_9280edit sm WM
I only got those after lots of these, however...
IMG_9270edit BW sm WM
Smarties are a great little treat to have on hand for bribing. ;) Not messy (very important for pictures) and most kids are pretty happy to have one. Although getting Kelan and Cohen to look at the camera and be happy at the same time was just pure luck.

Kelan is officially 2 months old today. It's been the fastest 2 months of my life!


Lindsay said...

You've got beautiful children Meghan! You should be so proud.

Jen Bird said...

Seriously has it been THAT LONG since I've been online....I've been the biggest slacker! I would have known you had bangs!! I loved all the updates! Funny how you can talk to someone all the time and still check their blog and be surprised! haha!

Team O'Connor said...

Hey, Happy Bday on Friday! I was out of town and don't have facebook anymore so I didn't get a chance to tell you. I hope you had a great day and weekend!