Monday, June 21, 2010

Sister's Trip: Miami

For my sister's 30th birthday, I gave her a trip with me to Miami. We stayed at the Southbeach Marriott for 4 nights. It was so much fun to just have time with just her. Between my 3 kids and her 4 kids... anytime we get together, it's kind of a bit of chaos. ;) So, this was a special treat and we've never done anything like it.

Now, if we could just forget our issues with trying to get to Miami and trying to get back home, then the trip was great! ;) Gotta love the airlines!

Our first day was supposed to be Thursday because we were going to arrive in Miami at noon. But, we didn't get there until midnight, so we lost a half a day and just went straight to the hotel and right to bed. Friday morning we woke up and enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel. It was so good... I never eat big breakfasts, but it was good enough that I wanted to! :)

Then we hit the beach right in back of the hotel. The water was like bath water... in fact, we thought that it would have been even a bit more refreshing if it were a little cooler. There were zero waves that day. It wasn't uneventful though. Mical got attacked by this little fish that wouldn't leave her alone. It was pretty funny... and I got stung/bit by something about 5 times across my big belly. It felt like I had been stung by a jellyfish (I had that wonderful experience when I lived in Hawaii) because it stung and I had welts for while afterward. It was so weird and I meant to ask someone at the hotel if there is something in the water that could do that, but forgot to later.

We were only there about 3 hours, but we knew it was too long because we both felt burnt. We got showered up and went to explore Ocean Drive and what shopping there was near our hotel. We ran on to Dash Miami by accident, but took a picture in front of it. It's the Kardashian sister's store in Miami that you seen on their TV show on E!.

After a little shopping and eating at some crab shack place we went home and to bed kind of early. I think the sun burns we both had made us tired.

The next morning we ate breakfast and were going to attempt the pool at the hotel, but both still felt too burnt to deal with anymore sun that day... so we got ready and took a taxi to Lincoln Street to check out the 5-6 blocks of stores. It was great and there was tons of great stores. We spent all day shopping, ate dinner, and then went to the movies. We walked back to the hotel. That was really far... well, it was only 2 miles but for an 8 month pregnant girl, I was tired!

Here is Mical that day enjoying a smoothie, while taking a break from all the shopping. We found that we weren't hungry enough each day to eat lunch and dinner after such a big breakfast, so a smoothie usually was good enough until we had dinner that night.
We couldn't believe that it was our last day already because we were flying out really early on Monday morning, so we spent it at the beach again. We were smarter this time and rented an umbrella and reapplied sunscreen often. There were actually some waves that day, so the water was much more fun and we weren't as worried about random little fish attacking in the water since there was so much movement.

It was packed that day and we probably spent the majority of the time people watching... seriously, it was entertaining to say the least. ;)
One group that was pretty entertaining was our lesbian friends to the right of me... you can see a couple of them in the photo that Mical took of me below. Let's just say that they weren't even the most entertaining of the day. ;) And I'll just leave it at that.
It was such a fun relaxing couple of days and went by way too fast! Mical and I have decided that once I'm done having babies then we need to do this once a year. Our families survived without us, so I think we need to treat ourselves more often!

Thanks, Mical! :)


Heather Strong said...

That looks so beautiful! I LOVE Florida and Jake won't go there with me because the one time he went there, there was hurricane Francis. Wuss. Next time you go, you can bring me, too ha ha! And I hate airlines... I'll never forgive them for Hawaii.

Mical said...

It was so fun! Loved it!!!