Thursday, June 24, 2010

A gorgeous summer evening...

It was so nice outside one night last week and Kanyon was asking to go on a walk because he wanted to show his dad how good on his bike he is becoming. Scarlett decided to ride her bike too and I couldn't believe how similar in size they looked riding their bikes together and how cute too. I wish I would've taken my camera on the walk and taken a picture of them riding up ahead of us. I'll have to do that another time.

After our walk, Kanyon and Steve played basketball while Scarlett rode Kanyon's F150. She's finally getting the hang of steering and backing up, but still needs to be reminded to watch out for Cohen. Cohen walked around throwing basketballs and rocks while I laid on the grass because I was in pain. I must have overdone it that day because I took a long walk with the kids in the morning too and it's a fast paced walk trying to keep up with Kanyon on his bike while pushing the other 2 in the jogging stroller. Then on our walk that evening, I got caught talking with a friend and had to run (yes, really run - I'm sorry for any neighbors that had to witness it) to catch up with my family. That gave me a major side ache and instant contractions. I learned that even though I can physically still run, I probably shouldn't. haha!

A few funny dunk shots of Steve on the hoop set at 7 ft. for Kanyon to shoot on...

Kanyon shooting hoops. He's really getting good and we've seen so many improvements in him over the last couple of months since we got this hoop put in. He can make it easy now and is dribbling and catching passes... while when we first got the hoop he was too afraid to even catch the basketball. Steve couldn't be prouder.

Looking forward to many more summer nights like this one... minus the pain for me! ;) I'd like to participate more next time instead of being literally stuck laying in the grass. Just 8ish weeks to go before it'll be our family of 6 playing outside instead of 5. :)

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