Friday, June 25, 2010

Can't get enough

Cohen is creeping up on 14 months now and I really can't get enough of him.

Check out where he plopped himself for the Elmo's World portion of Sesame Street yesterday afternoon. (sitting that still for more than 30 seconds is also a new thing)
That box arrived via UPS yesterday and has been a solid source of entertainment for him since. Can't believe how quickly this little guy is going to be a big brother. Kind of makes me sad and scared all at the same time!


Heather Strong said...

Ha ha! That is cute.

Melissa said...

Such a cutie!

Jen Bird said...

I had to say the words "big brother" a couple of times to myself...Cohen a BIG brother!! Oh my heavens!! I can't believe it!! He looks so cute in that box though!