Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making up for it

Cohen was neglected with my camera for a while there while I was sick with this pregnancy... so maybe that's why I can't seem to keep it off of him lately. Or maybe it's because he's at such a cute stage and thinks he's so big. He's doing things now that my other kids never did this young.

Like eat a regular ham and cheese sandwich like he's 5.

I'll be honest... at the end, it didn't look so appetizing, but he sure loved it!

Cohen is also getting a big boy room soon. I'm working on it and waiting for deliveries... but I'll share it when it's finished. He won't be out of his crib for a long while (I hope!) but at least it won't look like he sleeps in a cell. I just couldn't bear to put together a cute nursery for his little bro coming soon when he's in a huge empty room with a crib and a glider and that's it! The nursery is also coming along, but I'll share that when it's complete as well. We also have a first name for the baby boy, but I'll wait until the middle name is finally decided on before I share it. :)

I'm finally feeling productive again!

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Melissa said...

Too many cliffhangers . . . can't wait to see and hear!! Glad you have found your blogging mojo again.