Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My kitchen is a race track.

Cohen and Scarlett enjoy going in circles around my kitchen with their toys. Scarlett pulling something along and Cohen pushing some kind of truck. It's interesting to me to see the differences in how they play. I don't think I ever saw Scarlett pushing any toy around the way Cohen does and Kanyon did...

Girls and boys just play differently, I guess!
The sad thing about pushing a truck like this on hardwood floor is the slip factor. About 2 seconds after this happy smiling photo of Cohen, he face planted on the floor and was the saddest little boy ever.

When I uploaded these pictures, do you know which one Scarlett wanted to see??
"the one where Cohen fell on his face"

P.S. My little Cohen is 14 months today... and getting more and more personality every day!

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