Sunday, June 20, 2010

29 weeks... and my current baby boy.

I've kind of slacked on taking pictures of this pregnancy belly, but luckily I have friends that take note of that and kindly remind me. ;) So, here I am at 29 weeks with baby #4 (since I'm so late posting these, I'm actually now 31 weeks). Not quite a torpedo yet, but since baby boy is up in my ribs already, there is no where else to go but out at this point!
Cohen has been napping by 10:30 or 11am and not waking up until the older kids are napping, so he has been eating a late lunch daily. It's a nice time because it's quiet and just him and I hanging out. His favorite snack lately? Berries. Any kind...

On this particular day, it was blackberries and raspberries and he was loving them both!

I was laughing after noticing that not only is he wearing Scarlett's old pink bib, but it says "little miss sunshine" on it. haha! I ought to just round up all the pink baby anything around the house since I know we're bringing another boy into our home shortly. Maybe that would keep me from using pink things because it happens to be clean and available at the moment. :P


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I don't know, Cohen can still rock the pink. He is such an adorable little guy, especially with that berry face.