Monday, May 10, 2010

The Surprise Party

My sister, Mical, turned the big 3-0. So her husband planned this great surprise party and I helped out a little. I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but it was fun to mostly just enjoy the party in the moment. :)

Here is the invite that I sent to her friends and family:
Here are some of the group waiting for Mical to arrive... the kids were insane with those balloons and we didn't know if we'd be able to keep them quiet for when she came in.
Here she comes! (pardon the blinds that I was trying to shoot around)
This is about when she saw my mom and said, "Mom! What are you doing here??" The confetti in her hair was courtesy of my dad and my little bro, Trent.
Happy 30th, Mical!
Some of her friends...

Blowing out the candles... all 30. Ryan and I had a hard time getting them all lit before they were melting onto the cake. ;)

It was fun... I missed getting pictures of everyone outside, the bounce house for the kids, and all the yummy, yummy food that Mical's friend Lisa provided. The party was a success though and Mical was really surprised. :)

Now, the countdown begins to her present from me: A trip to Miami on June 10th... just she and I - no kids or husbands! Can't wait!

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Mical said...

That was so fun! And you have no idea about the countdown to Miami...I think about it everday!!!! :) Who has the BEST sister in the world??? ME!