Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegas Baby

Whenever we're in Vegas, we are at my sister's house... so it was odd to find our selves unable to be there the day of her surprise party or she would know we were in town! So, we busied ourselves doing other things that people do when they are in Vegas with their kids. :) The Shark Reef was a highlight. The kids loved it.

Checking out an alligator.
I can't remember what it was called, but it was cream colored...
The sting rays were a highlight since the kids were able to touch them. Kanyon was all about it. Scarlett wanted to touch them SO bad, but chickened out every single time. She never did work up enough courage... but we couldn't wait there all day for her it do it. ;) Maybe next time. Cohen was fascinated by all the fish. It was fun, but short and we're just glad we didn't have to pay for our kids. They were all young enough to be free. The sharks just weren't big enough to impress us (Steve and I) too much but it was a good time anyway.

A favorite of mine has always been the flower room in the Bellagio Hotel. They change it with the seasons and I never stop loving to see it. So, we took the kids there and they loved it too.

Cohen was enjoying a nice morning nap while we were out.

We could never get the timing right for a fountain show, but Kanyon did get to see it as we were driving by on our way to his cousin's baseball game and he was in awe. We'll have to make sure to try again the next time we go down.

The weather couldn't have been better. Low 70's... perfect. Especially since Utah was getting snow when we left. :)

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