Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lots of Snow!

We spent New Years Eve morning outside shoveling all the snow we had been getting. This was the kids' first trip out in the snow this year all bundled up and ready to play. We've gotten lots of snow prior to this, but it was never a weekend where I had Steve's help to get them all ready. Cohen is at a bad age for this and while he'd want to get down and crawl in it... he'd quickly decide it's not all that he hoped for. ;) So, he was napping.

Kanyon wanted to help Dad "work" more than anything else. It was cute. Scarlett tried, but she mostly just had issues with her gloves.

Scarlett and Kanyon on top of the mountain of snow that Steve pushed off our driveway.

And then just a random pic I took the same day of Scarlett trying on some new rain boots I got for a real deal. Aren't they cute?
A good end to 2009.

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