Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Love Thanksgiving...
It means my sister and her family up for a long weekend and a morning out shopping with just the girls.
Steve requested this year that I make a Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night so he could have leftovers all weekend. He misses that since we always have dinner at either my mom's or my grandma's.
So, I did it! I was pretty proud of myself... turkey breast in the crockpot (so good and moist), mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, fresh cranberry sauce... and stuffing and mini pumpkin pies provided by my dear friend Jen. Kind of last minute, we did a little impromptu Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, the Birds. Always better to enjoy good food with company! How often do you have a Thanksgiving dinner with friends anyway? It was so fun.
I'm sad to say I didn't get many photos of our actual Thanksgiving dinner with all the family... but I find that lately I've been just enjoying being there instead of documenting every second. It's nice. :) This is about the only photo I have of the day...
Cohen checking out his Uncle Ryan's facial hair. We don't have much facial hair in our house! ;)
Mical and I did get out and do some "light" shopping. Ha! Yeah right! ;) No really though, no 4am or even 6am doorbusters for us this year. We sent our mom to do that fun task in our place while we slept a little longer and went out around 7am. As tradition, we met up with my mom and Grandma as well as my sister-in-law, Alex, at the Pizza Factory for salads and breadsticks and shared war stories of our shopping so far that day. Love that the guys always are so willing to watch the kids while we do our thing. This year though, Steve was the best and offered to watch all the kids while Ryan and Trevor went golfing. How sweet is he? I even came home to a very clean house. It was great.

We went up to Temple Square in SLC to see the lights on Saturday night. It wasn't too cold, compared to previous years and the kids really enjoyed it.
We took some pictures while waiting for my parents and brothers to meet up with us.
All the cousins, minus Cohen.
Scarlett and Callie
Caden, Kanyon, and Maddi
Cole and Scarlett
My sister's family.
Our family.
The lights at Temple Square.
The nativity scene.
More lights.

My parents with all their grandkids... once again minus Cohen. He was sleeping in the stroller at this point. :)
Steve and my brother in law, Ryan.

This is a fun tradition that I hope we keep doing. The kids love it... especially the hot chocolates that they get for the ride home. ;)

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