Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not a Fluke.

So, approximately a week and a half ago my 6 1/2 month old pulled himself to standing using Scarlett's little stool in her room. I was shocked and thought it was a fluke.

It was not.

Here's my little Cohen acting way too big for his age earlier this week.

I thought it was just lower things, but just today he pulled himself to standing with the couch. I guess this one is going to make me chase him much sooner than I was hoping to have to. If he wasn't so cute, I'd be upset. ;) The poor guy falls over so much though that he looks like he's being abused. I guess we're just in that stage of life now. Now if he could just master sitting up...
He did sit up today for a few seconds, but he just doesn't want to sit still long enough to master it. I guess we just do things backwards around here.

On to some other exciting news...

Scarlett has given up her binkies. Saturday morning after a fight with her to put them away for the day, I suggested that she put them all in a ziploc bag and we take them to the store and trade them for a toy. She agreed, but I wasn't sure if she really "got it". So, all morning and early afternoon we talked about it and she wanted to do it. So after naps, we went to Build-a-Bear. I thought that was a good place since the teddy bear could replace her binkies as a comfort thing. She picked out this hideous tie dyed bear. Ugh. But, she LOVES it which is what matters most. ;) She dressed it up in a Sleeping Beauty dress, crown, and pink high heels and was in heaven. She handed her bag of binkies over to the "lady" at the checkout and was good to go.
I think it's fair to say the transition has been a piece of cake and Steve is in utter shock. He didn't think it was going to work. :) I was pretty sure she'd be okay though.
This little bear goes everywhere with her. She's twirling with her in the photo below.
Kanyon couldn't be left out completely... so we let him pick out a new outfit for his Build-a-Bear that he already had. He (shocking, I know!) picked out a batman costume for him. It's his new best friend once again. Conveniently enough, when Kanyon got him for his 3rd birthday, he named him Batman. Very fitting, especially now!
Lots of changes going on in the Sonnenberg house and we're enjoying it!


Heather Strong said...

Wow for Cohen! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing about Scarlett and the binkies! I have always stressed a little about how I was going to get Emmett off of the binkies - but I think I will try what you did! That sounds like a great idea!

Team O'Connor said...

Haha. Scarlett's bear cracks me up. She does look pretty happy about the tye dye! Very Bohemian of her :)

Matt, Christie & Adilyn said...

You seem to do all the right parenting tactics.. Love it. What is Cohen doing??? He is growing up way too fast.